What we’re watching (May/June 2024)

MR. AND MRS. SMITH (Prime Video)

For those familiar with the original movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you may recall that the blockbuster was heavily marketed as a romp between two of the biggest stars in 2005, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The film was, as one might expect, big on action, thin on plot, and a bit campy. In this 2024 TV adaption of the film, writer, editor, musician, and actor Donald Glover had brought his many talents to the table, serving as both actor and director. The reprise is smart, sexy, and playful while still holding onto some of the camp from the original. Maya Erskine stars alongside Glover and delivers a Jane Smith that is crafty, vulnerable, and smouldering.


Made in the same style as dearly beloved competition shows such as The Great British Baking Show and Best in Miniature, TGCPTD showcases skilled amateur potters from across Canada as they take on a series of pottery-related challenges. Part competition, part pottery docu-series, this wholesome show offers curious viewers a glimpse into the world of pottery techniques through the lens of eight friendly and highly skilled contestants. Jennifer Robinson (Schitt’s Creek) hosts the Throw Down alongside judges Brendan Tang and Natalie Waddell. The show also features the occasional cameo and demonstration from well-known Canadian actor, comedian, and amateur sculptor Seth Rogen.


There’s something special about watching a show that is not only well-written and well-directed but also feels familiar. Such is the case with Late Bloomer, a comedy series based on the real life of YouTuber Jasmeet “Jus Reign” Raina who was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario to a Kashmiri Sikh family. Steeped in GTA-isms both big and small, Late Bloomer follows protagonist Jasmeet Dutta (played by Jasmeet Raina) as he juggles the expectations of his Sikh family and community alongside his rising internet fame. Follow Jasmeet as he navigates nightclub parties, sending nudes, delivering tiffins, and visits to the gurdwara. Season one is simultaneously dynamic, laugh-outloud funny, and occasionally heartfelt, all while highlighting the depth and richness of the Sikh community.


If you’ve ever watched an interview with rapper Vince Staples, you likely suspected that it was only a matter of time before he made his television debut. Staples’s dark, deadpan humour, irreverence and, at times, absurdity have become the stuff of legends. In The Vince Staples Show, we see these traits and more brought to the screen as we follow Staples through misadventures of life in his hometown, ranging from a high-tension family reunion to a botched armed robbery. It’s beautifully shot and clever television.


By now you probably know the drill: flaky crusts, buttercream filling and LOTS of innuendos about soggy bottoms and tight balls interspersed with heartwarming stories and delicious treats. It’s a recipe that has been refined to perfection over 13 seasons and we haven’t grown tired of it yet. The ever-endearing Great British Baking Show is back for another season and, much like a freshly baked apple pie, season 14 has us feeling all warm and gooey inside. After a long day at school or at work, The Great British Baking Show is a sure-fire way to lighten your mood. As picnic season approaches, let us never forget Mary Berry’s advice about whisking meringues: “They’ve got to beat it until it’s really, really stiff.”

This article appeared in the 2024 May/June issue.