Police crack down at the encampment eviction at Lamport Stadium, 2021. Photo by Nick Lachance.

No More John Torys

As mayor of Toronto, John Tory was loyal to the rich, and a fierce enemy of the poor.

Born into a Toronto dynasty family,he represented old-school, white, wealthy, cringe Toronto.

Before politics, he worked in media, getting his start in the Rogers media empire, where he still works.

Once in politics, he was obsessive about communications and the media, manipulating it to his aims. He had help along the way from high-powered media and public relations professionals like Amanda Galbraith (a principal at PR firm Navigator), as well as the city’s communications channels. For years, city comms was headed by Brad Ross, who regularly played loose with the facts on files such as encampments.

Perhaps Team Tory’s greatest achievement was convincing so many people he was reasonable and compassionate, while he enacted policies that were just the opposite.

Tory routinely oversaw city staff and private security, working with the police, as they pushed tenants and unhoused people out of their homes, whether apartments or tents around the city. And the city lied over and over about there being shelter spaces available.

While at the beginning of the pandemic, the city under Tory was following much of the public health guidance, once Doug Ford’s provincial government dropped public health measures in 2022, Tory did next to nothing to protect people. Many have since become sick with COVID-19. Too many, including many kids, have become severely ill, died, or developed long-term health issues.

Under Tory, the city has gotten worse for the unhoused, people with low incomes, and commuters.

Meanwhile, the rich have gotten richer.

Toronto will keep spiraling if people like John Tory keep getting elected and implementing their agendas unchallenged by Torontonians.

This article appears in the February - March 2023 Issue.