Letters to the Editors (May/June 2023)

Re “No More John Tory’s” (Feb/March Issue): Great encapsulation of John Tory’s time as Mayor. You wrote what many of us thought.

Jim Roche, @RocheJim on Twitter

Re: “No More John Tory’s”: Well put!

Dan Milway, @thrilway on Twitter

The majority of Torontonians like myself are absolutely opposed to you, Doug Ford, and your attempted destruction of Ontario Place. That space belongs to the people and we use it and enjoy it. It is a green space in the city for everyone, not for profit. You have been selling off Ontario to the highest bidder since you stepped into office and are the most shameful, awful, greedy, criminal Premier this province has ever seen, which is saying something with Mike Harris on the docket. Hands off Ontario Place, hands off our Healthcare, hands off our Education! Hands off our teachers and nurses, hands off our tax dollars! Resign, resign, resign! Step down Doug Ford! You are a disgrace to politics! Shame come to you!

Joy Thompson, by email

So glad to see The Grind at my local coffee shop Wallace Espresso. Had to take it and my coffee to go. I'm the 21st patreon supporter, click here to be the 22nd: patreon.com/thegrindto

Ray Lister, @citylister on Twitter

New local indie paper The Grind includes footy news on page 4 & 22 plus affiliated tweets as "Letters to the Editors." Happy to see this & appreciate one of my tweets there. Papers free at many TO bookstores such as Book City.

Anne Burbidge, @ABurbidge

We cannot stress how much we love the launch of The Grind. Pick up your copy and support true local journalism written by professionals, your best source for what's beyond "NextDoor" that the Star and Sun can't tell you.