Horoscopes for February - March 2023


We hear a lot about our attention spans getting shorter. However, the ways our brains have changed can be helpful for free association, which is the base material of poetry, fantasy and dreams. When your mind is racing, see if you can watch it racing without slowing it down. See what you can do with the speed of this material.


Remember you can share your smoothness, your abundance, your grace. Remember that ease is a talent. Remember that generosity may leave you feeling undefended, but it will offer you something new.


When you’re in conflict, practice persuasion in an unexpected way. Grab a journal or record yourself with your phone and try convincing yourself of the opinion or feeling you disagree with. With any luck, this will strengthen your own faith in your position.


You’re often called upon to be the peacemaker in other peoples’ lives. Peace is delicate, so pay attention when it happens when you aren’t trying to make it happen. Let it carry you. Take waking rests. You need them.


Usually, maybe, probably: familiarize yourself with these words. When you’re wondering about an uncertain outcome, cautious optimism is better than mantras. The best of life is never guaranteed.


Don’t underestimate the information in your anger. Yes, finding calm is important, but exploring the roots of your irritability can allow you to channel it more honestly. Does your resentment over chores mean you want to help others more meaningfully? Does your road rage mean you want to get answers faster?


Try standing in front of a mirror with someone you love, both facing the mirror. Watch their expression at the same time as they watch yours. Is shared compassion easier to see when both of your faces are in your field of vision together?


When do you look under your bed? Probably only when you’re cleaning or something is lost. In the coming weeks, I’d like you to take a peek — just because. Seek new perspectives that don’t require much effort or drama, and see what you learn.


Think of how a friend has connected you to a well-suited opportunity, washed the dishes from a meal you

cooked, or comforted you in grief. Think of how these actions are caring but pleasureless.Try to bring this love to yourself and the world through any boredom or hardship you have to go through. A life well-lived makes space for love that isn’t only treats and thrills.


What’s one core value of yours? Imagine throwing a party for it. How do you honour your better impulses? How would you decorate? Who would entertain? In the coming weeks, consider how ritual can support your ethics.


The misuse of power at large is draining and frightening, it’s true. However, don’t feel that every bit of power you yourself have must be used in the right way, at the right time, for the right purpose, always. Sustain yourself by allowing yourself a bit of chaos.


Snow has some very human properties. It’s beautiful, and it conceals a lot. Snow can be comforting, or it can really get in the way. Contemplate how you can be more like a children’s snow fortress, comforting and adaptable, instead of a wall that keeps others shut in their houses.