Corrections (February / March 2023)

We strive to publish correct information on every page of The Grind. Sometimes we don't catch errors before printing. In the February / March 2023 Issue there were several errors.

  • On the cover, the bottom lines should read: “EX-MAYOR’S BUDGET CUTS TTC SERVICE, GIVES $48M MORE TO COPS”. The printed version incorrectly reads that only “$48” more went to cops.
  • On page 7, P7 TTC cuts article wrong author “TTC Cuts Increase Fares and Create Longer Wait Times” is written by Jacob Pesaruk. The printed version incorrectly lists Fernando Arce as the author.
  • On page 13, the photos of an event hosted by Another Toronto on January 14, 2023, have the wrong captions. The top photo should have the caption that appears on the bottom photo, “With her family behind her, Claudette Beals-Clayton speaks out about her daughter Regis Korchinski-Paquet's death at the hands of Toronto Police. Photo by Laura Proctor.” The bottom photo should be captioned, “Vanessa Fareau, accompanied by her daughter, recites poetry and speaks about her negative experiences with police as a victim of domestic violence, at Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto on January 14, 2023. Photo by Laura Proctor.”
  • On page 15, in the text of the “No More John Torys” article, the second paragraph begins “BeaBorn,” when it should instead begin “Born”.
  • The article on page 16 and 17, “Building Fun in a Notoriously Unfun City,” was originally published online by The Local. The printed version unfortunately omits this acknowledgement. 
  • On page 23, both crosswords should be attributed to Emma Lawson. The top crossword was incorrectly attributed to Crosswordsite, and the bottom crossword was incorrectly not attributed.
  • On page 24, the “Leo” and “Virgo” horoscopes are identical. This is a misprint. The Leo horoscope should read, “Usually, maybe, probably: familiarize yourself with these words. When you’re wondering about an uncertain outcome, cautious optimism is better than mantras. The best of life is never guaranteed.”

The Grind's editors regret these errors.